Fun Things To Do On The Farm

The Ice Cream Lodge

Wallings ice cream at Windmill Animal Farm. We stock fifteen of the most fantastic flavours. As Farmer Graham always says ” it’s just the best “

Outdoor Play

Enjoy our adventurous outdoor play that is suitable for all ages, including swings, slides climbing walls and zip wire.

Indoor Soft Play

Whatever the weather, you can have fun in our epic indoor soft play.

Pedal Tractors

Our pedal tractors are perfect for those little people who want to practice their driving. 


Dig and push stone around with our coin-operated motorised diggers.

Adventure Trail

Climb, balance and wobble your way across our trail.

Pedal Go-Carts

Race around our dirt track on our John Deere pedal go-carts.

The Mere Trail

Experience another side of the farm, never seen before. Start with the farm train then enjoy a stroll back to the farm.


Our coin-operated wagons allow your little ones to drive a ‘big’ wagon all by themselves.

Roller Racers

Ride our self-propelled Roller Racers around and see who is the fastest!